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Popurls is, as described by its founder, the ultimate source for the latest web buzz and news and a daily must-read for me. Ericulous thought maybe he can do something based on that model to keep track of the buzz in Singapore and thus OneNews was born. This also showcase the power of WordPress being more than a blog software. You can easily create a single-page news aggregator like Popurls or multiple-pages news aggregator like Alltop.


Pricing: Single License – $49, Multiple License – $199
Requirements: -

Readers Comments

It’s an excellent work. I’ve used it to create a new Meta-Searcher on Google News, Yahoo News, Digg, Delicious, etc. Example:

Single License – $49
Multiple License – $199

this really is a cool theme, i integrated it over at


Very expensive.

WordPress is getting more value for the public as in this case how a little thing get popular in a little time period. Companies are using wordpress for various new oriented publications and taking benefits from it features.

hmm expensive, isnt it??

yeah its expensive but you can easily make your own or find this online for free. still pretty nice theme to use but they make sure there’s loads of links to their own stuff.

its really good and informative site.I will definently visit this site again thanks

Thanks bro, i was looking for one for a new project. Nice find. :)


So an RSS aggregator theme that doesn’t provide a RSS feed of the aggregated links? Frustrating oversight.

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