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WordPress Version 2.0 introduces the concept of Roles. Each Role is allowed to perform a set of tasks called Capabilities. Role Manager Plugin allows you to define and manage multiple subscriber profiles – called Roles and their Capabilities. Also you can create new Roles and Capabilities.

If you use this Plugin to manage your WordPress, Users can belong to only one role and can have individual capabilities assigned to them outside of the context of a role.


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Awwww, it doesnt work for WordPress 2.7+


Robert Simpson

It’s working for me on 2.7.1


It’s working for me just fine on 2.7.1 as well, with one small issue (new roles can’t access particular items under tools.php).

@Robert and @nicole, how is this plugin? Can you pretty much create “Profile Pages” for users? Also, can you make it so some members can comment and review while others can comment, review, and post?



I have 2.8.1 and I installed Role Manager along with the Dashboard redirect plugin you have. My contributors can no longer submit posts to review. That Dashboard widget is gone as well as the Add New Post option from the Tools menu. I uninstaller the plugins but no help. The contributor access is permanently messed up….any suggestions? I need to get this fixed fast….as we just launched the “submit news” feature a couple of days ago…

It’s working fine for me on WordPress 2.8.1



I would advise against using this plugin. First of all, once you do, any modifications that are made to roles are apparently undoable. I have 12,000+ users in my site, and can not get the issues this plugin introduced resolved, even with disabling it.

The author doesn’t respond to questions, the documentation is thin, and the harm it could cause your data is irreparable.

[...] Remarque : Si les permissions par défaut de ces rôles ne vous conviennent pas, vous pouvez les redéfinir à votre convenance en installant le plugin Role Manager. [...]



Is this plugin compatible with WordPress MU?




works for me in WPMU 3.0. but ya gotta try it before you know fer sure. good luck

is it working now? I need this but have a doubt,if it is working?

Working great on the latest version that is 3. Thanks for this great plugin.

Im using this plugin and Im also using eventmanager plugin, anyway possible to give access of this plugin to users having role set to subscriber? Please let me know

Very usefull plugin. But the problem is i cant change the admin capabilyties. Any acces to some plugins. Why , And when i delete it, the capabilities dont change.

Need some help please.

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