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All-In-One Cufon plugin allows you an easy replacement of standard fonts with beautiful catchy fonts. This plugin implements Simo Kinnunen’s Cufón script, which aspires to become a worthy alternative to sIFR.


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Thinking of bringing newness to your fonts? the most easy thing you can opt for is replacing those standard fonts with catchy and beautiful fonts which look far more attractive and trendy. adding these fonts is an easy but step wise process. For this you need to Download plug-in from WordPress repository. Unzip and upload it to \wp-content\plugins\. Or you can go to the admin panel: Plugins –> Add New Type “all-in-one cufon” into the search field. Install. First you have to generate JavaScript file of your .otf, .ttf etc. font file. To generate this you have to go the Cufron generator.
Make sure the EULA of the font permits web embedding.Create a folder called /cufon-fonts/ in the wp-content/plugins/ directory, where you need to upload your generated font .js files. When you’re done, just go the admin panel: Settings–>All-In-One Cufon There you will instantly see fonts that were detected in your \wp-content\plugins\cufon-fonts\ folder. Enable fonts you wish to use. The last step is adding the Cufón code.
Now, enjoy the new plug ins and stylish fonts on your screen.

I am not familiar with how to change fonts on blogs but thanks for your information, there’s now an easy way for em to do it.

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