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Don’t risk losing your entire website because you didn’t do the smart thing of setting up an automated backup system. And now you have no excuses.

Automatic WordPress Backup automatically backup your entire site (WordPress database, themes, plugins, uploaded files and settings files) to the Amazon S3 servers. Amazon S3 is a enterprise-level storage system that allows people to store files at ultra cheap prices. You can also set it backup either daily, weekly or monthly depending on which you choose.


Pricing: Free
Requirements: WordPress 2.8+

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I think this will be one of the best plugin in 20101. we will able to take back up after deleting spam comment.

I always enjoy learning how other people employ Amazon S3 online storage. I am wondering if you can check out my very own tool S3 Browserthat helps to manage S3 on Windows.

Chris is right, thanks for posting about this plugin.


I have been hearing a lot about backing up our blogs lately. I didn’t do anything about it until only recently when I had actually lost some data.

Amazon3 sounds like a great resource to use. I have noticed more and more marketers using the site.

Thank you for sharing your plugin finds.

Jacinta :D

[...] Plugin: Automatic WordPress Backup to Amazon S3 | WordPress Resources WordPress Plugin: Blog-Backups automatisch anfertigen und auf Amazon S3 ablegen wordpress Tags: Backups wordpress [...]

Thanks for the post and will be looking at this plugin for couple of our clients website. Invaluable information you are sharing here and I will share with my community!

RM – InBoundMarketingPR

[...] Plugin: Automatic WordPress Backup to Amazon S3 ( [...]

[...] Plugin: Automatic WordPress Backup to Amazon S3 ( [...]

yeah really good idea !

Website Backups are great, and with Amazon S3 it makes it easy to control on your own. You should also look at downloading your wordpress offline for safe keeping.

Get WP-DB-Backup (for databases) and WordPress Backup (for files), just search for them in the plugin area. If you really want protection then you need a software solution.

I created Backup Smart to automate taking backups of your website(s). Runs on MAC OSX, Windows, Linux, and has a 7 day free trial. Having good backups will save you.


Thanks for sharing this, great plugin!
One question, is it also possible to get a backup of the entire website (also other non-WP files) with this plugin?

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