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WordPress is first and foremost a blogging platform, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for other things as well. In fact, the development of WordPress have been such that I wouldn’t be surprised to see a non-blog focused fork soon, because the necessary functionality for most web sites on the admin side of things are already there. In general, using WordPress as the CMS just means that you’ll design a theme as you would for a WordPress powered blog. Most of the things you need to keep in mind is what should be powering what on the site.

Thord has shared us the Things To Consider When Using WordPress as a CMS. These are the things we need to think about before choosing and designing a website where WordPress will be used as the CMS.

  • Is there even a need for a CMS for the client?
  • Is WordPress the correct CMS? Will it fit the needs? Is the translations available for the WordPress backend good enough? How will it be upgraded?
  • Will I need to extend WordPress using plugins? Are any hacks to the core necessary, because if they are, how will I make sure that these won’t break when the core is upgraded?
  • What types of content will there be, and what should be deemed static (i.e. use Pages), and what is flowing updates (i.e. Posts)? How will I present this, and what is the main type of content?
  • How will the permalink structure be? Should it really say “category”, why not “view” or “updates” or something else?
  • Will the menu be static (i.e. coded into the theme) or controlled by WordPress (i.e. listing using WordPress tags for Pages and categories)? How could this go wrong in the future?
  • What hierarchy will the Pages have? This is important for the URL, since it should be coherent with the menu hierarchy after all.
  • How will I present sub-pages (i.e. Pages having a mother Page)? Should there be any at all?
  • Do I need Page templates for various sections? How will these work with sub-pages?
  • What categories will I use? Should the client be allowed to create new categories?
  • How will I present Posts content?
  • Do I need category templates for the various categories?

Source: Things To Consider When Using WordPress as a CMS

Readers Comments

Very useful and interesting post, the most important point to me being e reminder that no matter what platform you use, you must plan a site before implementing it!

For anyone who is considering this, I wrote a tutorial for using WordPress as a CMS which you might find useful.


Interesting I came along to this post. I recently finished setting up a patio cover and concrete contractor’s website using WordPress as a CMS.

The client doesn’t know anything about web design and WordPress allows an easy way for him to tweak his content when needed.

Plus it’s nice as a web designer to have so many plugins and templates ready to go. All I do is either comment out or delete the WordPress functions I don’t need from the template’s code.

Keep up the good work.

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