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Web Icons

As per scientists around 90% of all information we perceive comes through our eyes. The visual side always has been quite important for humanity, we can see it from the culture of writings and visual art having very long history.

The other suitable feature is laconism. We can experience the lack of time for finding useful knowledge in current period of high technology and internet. There is so much informational trash we have to flunk out the sphere of our interest.

And people have found the solution. Infographics. It’s meaningful though concise; it has a strong visual element that is convenient in a matter of better understanding. Let’s take an example of Bootstrap Hornbook, the fresh infographic about Bootstrap, which is helpful for web designers not just as a sample, but also as a piece of quite cognitive unit, because it’s telling about effective front-end framework. Bootstrap gives a lot of benefits for website owners and the infographics featured in this article offers all the needed definitions, features, advantages and practical potential.


As you can see, the infographic provides a wide range of information about the Bootstrap. Here you can find the definition of the Bootstrap and the description of the advantages together with breaking news about the framework. Additionally, there are links to useful textual and video tutorials which will guide you to the deeper understanding of Bootstrap functionality.

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Art Rivera is deeply interested in everything connected with Internet, I sincerely suppose the web is the only future reality for the humanity through its inevitable involving into every part of human life. And of course someone should make this future look nice: all hail to Web Design, the King of all my web-interests.

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