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Stock photography business has become trend. It could be seen from the number of stock photography providers or so called microstock agencies in the internet which is increasing. The number affects the effort of every microstock agency to survive and get much buyers as possible.

As a result, we can see so many microstock agencies racing for getting buyers. Various promos, features, and gifts are given to not just their customers but also the potential customers. Some real example to win the rivalry is giving affordable prices for buyers and tempting incentives for the contributors / artists.
One of the successful microstock agency found in the internet is Depositphotos. The fact is that Depositphotos is reputed as the fastest-growing microstock agency in the internet. Of course that title is not given without reason.

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Depositphotos was founded in 2009 by Dmitry Sergiev. At the beginning, with limited collection, the content was focused on photos, illustrations, and vectors images. Although this website faced so many obstacles at their beginning years, they managed to survive and become successful just like today. After two years since it was founded, Depositphotos even successfully increased its library with 5 million files and achieved rank 6 in Google Pagerank.

August 2012 was the month when they announced that Depositphotos had reached 9 million image files collection. Not just that, because this year they also allowed contributors to sell videos by uploading it into this website’s library. Other features and functions were also improved such as “smart search” and “lightbox”. All of the improvements were surely aimed to ease their customers and raise the sale at the same time.

In December 2012, they had 2 million more images added into their collection makes their library as large as 11 million files. From 2011, Depositphotos had successfully doubled the size of their collection. It is such an achievement for a website which at the beginning was not even counted for competing in microstock agencies’ race.

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Then, in less than two month, this website once again broke a new record for increasing the number of their files collection into 12 million. Finally, in the end of March, this website has nearly reached 13 million files collection consists of stock photos, vectors images, and videos. This collection is divided into several categories which will ease the users for finding images they need. Category with the highest number of stock images (until this article is created) is People Stock Photos with more than 3 million images. After that, there is Objects Stock Photos with more than 2 million images. Other categories’ average number is about 1 million files, such as in Food & Drink, Illustrations, Nature, Textures & Backgrounds, Vectors, and Abstract Stock Photos.

In conclusion, the title of “Fastest-Growing Microstock Agency” really suits Depositphotos well. Their intention to keep growing may even make them one of the biggest and strongest agencies in this business.

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