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Omni Theme was created by Bryan Hauer, website styled WordPress theme that is great for your own website or blog with a more professional and custom look. Omni themes are also great for small businesses, organizations or anyone looking to create a professional web presence while still using the ease and flexibility of WordPress.

Omni comes with 4 different colors. All Omni Themes are xhtml compliant, completely customizable and were created to be extremely easy to change colors, fonts, backgrounds, logos and more. Each theme also comes widget ready, WordPress 2.5 compatible and comes with YouTube and Flickr integration built right in.


Pricing: (Single) $79.99, (Developer’s License) $199.99
Requirements: -

If you do not like the FeedBurner chicklet, now you can have a custom feed count easily with FeedCount. FeedCount 1.2 is the latest version of WordPress Plugin that displays the number of subscribers to your FeedBurner feed. It can be easily integrated into your wordpress theme. And the presentation of the FeedCount can be changed by an external CSS file easily.


Pricing: Free
Requirements: -

We have launched Feed Analysis few months ago, it helps bloggers analyze their Feedburner feeds. It has got featured on many popular blogs and we have received a lot of positive feedback. Few weeks ago, we have released one clean and stylish free WordPress theme called Silveray. Today, we are releasing our first product, a high quality Premium WordPress Theme called Blubs with an afforable price. Blubs is a two columns wordpress theme with fluid layout and it is widgets ready.


Main Page









  • Clean and Elegant Design
  • 2 columns flexible layout
  • Navigation Dropdown Menu
  • Widgets ready on sidebar
  • Serach bar at the top
  • Ready for125px and 250px ads integration
  • Separated comments/trackbacks
  • Built-in gravatars in comment section
  • Print.css stylesheet
  • Author Profiles & Archives
  • Clean & valid codes – XHTML 1.0 Strict + CSS 2.1
  • Cross browser compatible – tested on IE/Win, Opera, Firefox, Safari/Win.

Live Demo

Click to view the Live Demo.

Buy Blubs Premium WordPress Theme Now

Single License – $49 – Buy Now!

Single License is for the person who intends on using this theme on a single website.

Developer’s License – $99 – Buy Now!

Developer’s License is for the person who intends on using this theme on multiple websites.

Affiliate Program

You can join our Affiliate Program and promote Blubs WordPress Theme via your website. All you need to do, is sign up for our affiliate program through E-Junkie. Once you have signed up, you can start selling Blubs WordPress Theme immediately. You will receive 25% commission on all the sales generated through your website. These commissions will be paid within 7 days of the end of the month and all payments will be made via PayPal only.

Join our Affiliate Program Now!


1. Download and unzip the file
2. Put the theme into your “/wp-content/themes/” folder
3. Log in into your WordPress control panel
4. Click the Presentation tab
5. Select the “Blubs” screenshot


Compatible with WordPress 2.5. Template tags are made using WordPress 2.5 code base.

When designing blogs, there are a few different design elements that we need to take into account every time. BlogDesignBlog has written a really nice article about “How to Blog Design Style Guide” and he has broken these different design elements into different parts. The more attention you give to each part, the better your overall blog design will be. He has divided the design elements into 9 categories, analyse each part with us carefully with some very nice exmaples.




Source: How to Blog Design Style Guide

cforms is a plugin for WordPress, offering convenient deployment of multiple contact forms throughout your blog or even on the same page. The form submission utilizes AJAX, falls back, however, to a standard method in case AJAX/Javascript is not supported or disabled. cforms comes with 3 custom functions that allow you to filter and modify user input on the fly as well as trigger an action after user input has been accepted. Great capabilities to incorporate your own application and business logic.


Pricing: Free
Requirements: WordPress 2.5 Compatible

Fresh News Theme is another Premium News WordPress Theme with super-slick, yet sophisticated new look. Fresh News Theme can make your homepage look like a traditional blog without losing any of the insane functions and features. To switch between a traditional blog and magazine style layout, is as simple as selecting the appropriate option in WordPress backend. Fresh News also comes with 6 distinctly different, built-in colour schemes, which can be changed from your WordPress backend easily.


You can view the following main features as well.

  • Automatic Image Resizer
  • Custom Page Templates for Archives, Sitemap & Image Gallery
  • Built-in Gravatar Support for Authors & Comments
  • Author Profiles & Archives
  • Featured news section
  • Video Panel
  • Navigation Dropdown Menu’s
  • Sidebar Tabbed Box
  • Integrated Flickr & Feedburner

Pricing: (Single) $99.95, (Developer’s License) $249.95
Requirements: -

Disqus, pronounced discuss, is a service for blog comments. Disqus enables bloggers to make the conversations on their blogs more interactive and manageable. Our distributed comment system connects readers across blog communities, while empowering publishers in promoting their content. In short, using Disqus is a better way for people to participate in conversations initially started by blog posts.

Discussions on your blog are now made more interactive and social. Readers can rate comments to help make sure only good comments stay in the conversation. Rated comments contribute to a commenter’s clout, or reputation, on blogs across the web. Disqus is currently a free service to use. If you do not use any of these, Disqus also provides a general code snippet for any website as well.


Disqus is a hosted service. This means that the discussion threads are completely powered by their software and servers. However, they do not make any claims to the ownership or control of the comments. You do still own your comments.

Pricing: Free
Requirements: -

WassUp is a WordPress plugin to track your visitors in real time. It has a very readable and fancy admin console to keep tracks of your blog’s users visits. It has a “current visitors online” view and a more detailed “visitors details” view where you can know almost everything your users are doing on your blog, it’s very useful for SEO or statistics maniacs. It comes with a “Spy” view in Ajax like the Digg Spy. The aim of WassUp is the knowledge of what your visitors do when they surf your blog. With WassUp you’ll get a cronology of your blog’s visits with a lot of details for each single user session.


Pricing: Free
Requirements: WordPress 2.2+

The Transmission WordPress Theme is a stunning and professional free theme with the flickrRSS plugin integration. This theme uses custom fields you can use to add an optional image to your latest blog post. Simply upload the image you want to your topstory-images directory and add a custom field with topstory_image as the key, and the name of the image as the value.

The Transmission theme has a fully widgetized sidebar as well. This includes the search box, as well as the Feeds section, so you have complete control over the sidebar. And best of all, this free download comes with 8 different styles to choose from. Don’t have a favorite color? Just use the AIO (all-in-one) version to have a dynamic style switcher on your site where visitors can choose their preferred style.


Pricing: Free
Requirements: -

When we are doing maintenance for our blogs, we always want to let visitors know about it. So that they will not be scared or get confused. Maintenance Mode Plugin is a really great tool to help us. Maintenance Mode plugin adds a splash page to your blog that lets visitors know your blog is down for maintenance. This plugin adds the capability “access_on_maintenance” to the role “Administrator”. When you activate the maintenance mode, logged in administrators get full access to the blog including the front-end. When the maintenance mode is activated, the following message is being displayed:


Pricing: Free
Requirements: WordPress 2.0.9+

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