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Upgrading your Point of Sale system sounds like a lot of work and a lot of headache, so some would argue that there really isn’t a “great” time to do this. Yes, running a business is hard work. When there’s a lot of pressure riding on something, you really, really want to get it right so you come out looking fantastic. All of this is true. However, if you’ve been looking to upgrade the way that you do things it’s time for you to seize the day. Now is the perfect time to do away with a clunky, weighty cash register and get a sleek, modern mobile POS system instead. For the price of a few accessories, the software, and the tablet itself, you can have a system that’s better integrated with your online presence, offers more choice and flexibility to your customers, and is easier for your employees to learn. Let’s take a look at the concrete signs that the time to change is now.

Mobile POS Has Been Tested

There was a time when trying out a mobile POS system was taking a risk. They hadn’t been tested yet so they hadn’t withstood the test of time. There weren’t that many apps available and you had to make do with the hardware that you had, but they were an option. These brave beta testers and early adopters did the world a favor by putting their businesses on the line and hammering out the kinks, but that time is over. The risks have been removed, the systems have been improved, and now there really isn’t a reason not to try it. Enough field testing has happened for it to be safe to declare that a mobile POS system is a success. The only question now is at what point will they become so widespread that if you don’t have one, you’ll be behind the curve? That time is approaching.

Return on Investment Is Very High

How soon do you think you’re going to start seeing your brand new traditional point of sale system (which can easily top $20,000, according to Entrepreneur) pay for itself? Even with great business and no mistakes, it’s going to take you a lot of years! On the other hand, a mobile point of sale system can be set up for far less money and much less cost in waiting for future returns. You have to make some payments for the software you will use, but other than that you can soon own everything outright. You’re not going to spend years making payments on a thermal receipt printer, or the iPad stand that holds everything together. You’re not going to be spending tons of hours working hard to keep your barcode reader financed. The big ticket item is the iPad, and that’s a one-time purchase, unless you break yours. Save up a little money and you can buy it outright. From then on the item is working to pay for itself, and once it has, you can start seeing the profits brought in by not having to pay for a bulkier, unwieldy system that doesn’t work any better.

Simple Accessories Are Cheaper than Hardware

Giving your business a modern look is a key to inspiring confidence from consumers, according to Fil Entrep. This is much easier to do if your tech looks good and you have the utility to back it up. It’s more than just creating the right look or getting the right features. A blend of both will make customers think of your store as cutting edge. Again, the mobile point of sale system is already tested and fairly widespread. There are many businesses that happily and successfully use it, including eCommerce vendors and businesses like Shopify. However, most people still think of iPads and other tablets as things for personal use, not for a business. Seeing them in this new setting is going to make you seem innovative without the risk that usually comes from that. This makes it the sweet spot in the bell shaped adoption curve; you’re just far enough ahead of the wave to stand out from the crowd, but you’re far enough back to benefit from those who have gone before.

Cut down Wait Time

Mobile POS systems save time. Saving time is even more important than the startup money they will save you, according to Food Service Warehouse, which lists a number of key perks to using a mobile point of sale system. Being able to go to the customer and take care of their transactions wherever they are will really cut down on wait time. Being able to print up a receipt while you’re still at someone’s table and then go and grab it to bring them their check later means that you’re saving minutes on each and every table. This much time is going to add up. In a store setting you’re cutting down on line time and having customers leave happier.

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Stock photography business has become trend. It could be seen from the number of stock photography providers or so called microstock agencies in the internet which is increasing. The number affects the effort of every microstock agency to survive and get much buyers as possible.

As a result, we can see so many microstock agencies racing for getting buyers. Various promos, features, and gifts are given to not just their customers but also the potential customers. Some real example to win the rivalry is giving affordable prices for buyers and tempting incentives for the contributors / artists.
One of the successful microstock agency found in the internet is Depositphotos. The fact is that Depositphotos is reputed as the fastest-growing microstock agency in the internet. Of course that title is not given without reason.

Working together
Working together From

Depositphotos was founded in 2009 by Dmitry Sergiev. At the beginning, with limited collection, the content was focused on photos, illustrations, and vectors images. Although this website faced so many obstacles at their beginning years, they managed to survive and become successful just like today. After two years since it was founded, Depositphotos even successfully increased its library with 5 million files and achieved rank 6 in Google Pagerank. Read the rest of this entry »

Grid Layout Shock is the most complete responsive WordPress grid layout plugin. You can select between 8 box styles preloaded to costumize your own grid layout. You can select the components that you want to show, if you want to show the title, the image, the excerpt of the text or neither, you can do it.

Thanks to the shortcode generated in the control panel, you can add it anywhere inside your pages, posts or widgets. You can group by posts categories. And you can select the font style according to your style as well. Since the grid is fully responsive, you won’t need to worry about your grid stop working on small screen devices.


Pricing: FREE, $9 – $99 USD
Requirements: WordPress 3.0+

As per scientists around 90% of all information we perceive comes through our eyes. The visual side always has been quite important for humanity, we can see it from the culture of writings and visual art having very long history.

The other suitable feature is laconism. We can experience the lack of time for finding useful knowledge in current period of high technology and internet. There is so much informational trash we have to flunk out the sphere of our interest.

And people have found the solution. Infographics. It’s meaningful though concise; it has a strong visual element that is convenient in a matter of better understanding. Let’s take an example of Bootstrap Hornbook, the fresh infographic about Bootstrap, which is helpful for web designers not just as a sample, but also as a piece of quite cognitive unit, because it’s telling about effective front-end framework. Bootstrap gives a lot of benefits for website owners and the infographics featured in this article offers all the needed definitions, features, advantages and practical potential.


As you can see, the infographic provides a wide range of information about the Bootstrap. Here you can find the definition of the Bootstrap and the description of the advantages together with breaking news about the framework. Additionally, there are links to useful textual and video tutorials which will guide you to the deeper understanding of Bootstrap functionality. Read the rest of this entry »

During 2012 there were many progressions in the world of web design, and one of the main success stories was the growth and popularity of responsive web design.

It’s no wonder either, as we were in need of something like this, to give an ounce of flexibility to traditional design – which is exactly what responsive design has done. With more and more of us choosing to browse the web using both tablets and smart phones in addition to out laptops and tablets – a responsive way to altering the size and layout of a website immediately and hassle free was drastically needed. And fast.

Responsive design works using the media queries found within a web browser – these media queries then “translate” the website to fit the user’s screen and size – ensuring the website has been specially reformatted to suit the screen in question. It’s great for saving time as a user – as it means you needn’t worry about being redirected to a mobile site, or even worrying about data charges – when you mobile attempts to download huge photographs and files intended for desktop viewing.

So saying this, the rewards of responsive design seem at first, endless and it is unarguably a huge leap forward for the web design world, and a big step forward into fully responsive web browsing on all websites. It’s something that has so far, benefitted not only users, but clients and designers too, as I’ll explain below: Read the rest of this entry »

Agera is a beautiful portfolio. Easy to setup, enhanced with Massive Panel and custom shortcode wizard which makes adding shortcodes extremely easy. The main goal of Agera is to let photographers and designers showcase their work easily and in a beautiful and simple way. If you are a creative person this theme is for you.


Pricing: $40
Requirements: WordPress
Source: Buy it Now

Daisho is a portfolio solution for creative professionals and companies looking for a minimal and professional look.

Flexible and responsive presentation, smooth navigational flow and clutter-free approach. Put your works in focus. Powerful Typography Plugin included. The definitive portfolio solution for creative professionals available now.


Pricing: $50
Requirements: WordPress
Source: Buy it Now

Medium is a bold, blog-style WordPress theme featuring double sidebars, attention to typographic and design detail and plenty of white space. Use it as a personal blog or a minimal portfolio to show off your latest works.

Medium is responsive, all the way down to mobile. Images, videos and text will scale down gracefully to iPad, iPhone and all devices in-between. This theme looks just as great in your pocket as it does on the desktop!


Pricing: $45
Requirements: WordPress
Source: Buy it Now

Onward is perfect for a photoblog as well as showcasing visual creative work of any kind. It is super simple to use and the asymmetric grid design looks fantastic on any device. It has beautiful grid-like display to show all your posts, whether it be blog posts, portfolio work or anything else you like.


Pricing: $25 – $35
Requirements: WordPress

WordPress job boards were never this easy. The JobEngine theme combines powerful customization tools with a simple user experience. You can sort your listings by location, job type and category. Refine your search criteria without reloading the page.

Users can upload a CV and send applications directly from the site. Send automated messages to advertisers and jobseekers. You can also offer flexible pricing and featured listings for more exposure. It supports PayPal, 2Checkout, Google Checkout, plus manual payment.


Pricing: $129
Requirements: WordPress

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